North River Farms Grows the economy, jobs, food, schools, families and more.

North River Farms

An approved farm community designed for Oceanside, North River Farms creates a new, sustainable farm and a local fresh food supply chain. North River Farms will create approximately 700 permanent jobs and contribute millions in funding for local schools, parks, public services and traffic improvements. North River Farms provides 585 eco-friendly homes priced affordably for working families INCLUDING 58 affordable apartments set aside for low-income families that will either be built on-site or even closer to public transit.

Planting for the Future

San Diego County’s FIRST Agrihood run by locals for locals, with 68 acres of protected farmland, including u-pick fruit fields, orchards and production farming to supply a new farmer’s market. Community amenities include an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and movies, an agricultural education center, farm-to-table restaurants and retail, a mountain bike trail and new parks. The 214-acre site is a half-mile from public transit (NCTD’s San Luis Rey Transit Center) and close to a regional park, schools, retail centers and Camp Pendleton.

Investing in Oceanside’s Future

Create Jobs & Economic Investment

North River Farms will create 485 construction jobs and 674 permanent local jobs. It also is a long-awaited investment in the city’s east side, spurring millions in needed economic investment where numerous working families live. All told, North River Farms will generate $5.9 million annually in permanent economic impact for Oceanside. During construction, which includes tens of millions in off-site road and infrastructure improvements, the total economic impact for Oceanside is $86.4 million.
Source: San Diego North Economic Development Council

Enhanced Fire Safety & Neighborhood Services

North River Farms includes a new on-site fire station and provides funding for a new fire truck and personnel – placing emergency equipment and first responders where they are needed. The enhancements mean Oceanside firefighters will be able to cut their average response times in half in this area. Every minute counts during emergencies. It will also provide $1.6 million in annual tax revenue to Oceanside’s General Fund, which pays for police, firefighters, parks, libraries, road repairs and other neighborhood services.

Better Infrastructure

North River Farms will build roads, invest $4.5 million to expand the College Bridge and improve sewer, water and storm drain connections, and bring reclaimed water to the agricultural region. North River Farms will contribute $80 million in new infrastructure at no cost to taxpayers.

Less Traffic, Road Improvements

North River Farms will pay for $7.4 million in local traffic improvements – including widening College Bridge and fixing all roads connecting to the project – to improve emergency response times and evacuation routes and ease traffic. All roads connecting to the project will be improved, including North River Road, Wilshire Road, Vandegrift Boulevard and College Boulevard.

for parks and other public facilities
for local schools and education
for Oceanside’s vision plan
new Little League and football fields at Melba Bishop Park
North River Farms
Approved North River Farms Plan
North River Farms
Property was Zoned for Estate Homes on Sprawling Lots

Farming Over Mansions

North River Farms provides 585 eco-friendly homes priced affordably for working families along with farmland, parks and community benefits – PLUS 58 affordable apartments set aside for low-income families that will either be built on-site or even closer to public transit. The North River Farms community REPLACES the site's previous zoning for 70 luxury homes on sprawling 2.5-acre estate lots.

Designed for Oceanside

North River Farms is a fully vetted and approved plan for Oceanside’s South Morro Hills neighborhood. Honoring the region’s rich farming history, it reflects a five-year public planning process, including a full Environmental Impact Report, public meetings and community engagement. The Oceanside City Council approved the project in November 2019. The approved plan maintains and complements the area’s rural character, preserves farming and creates an agriculturally-based neighborhood, San Diego County’s first Agrihood. Prior to North River Farms approval, the site was zoned for large estate homes on sprawling lots with no farmland or parks. North River Farms is designed for Oceanside. It is the sensible alternative to zoning that would favor expensive homes for wealthy outsiders.

Community Benefits

New Amenities for All Oceanside Residents

  • New farmer's market
  • FOUR parks and 10 miles of trails including a mountain bike trail
  • Artisanal "maker space" building with stalls for local makers
  • Oceanside's first wine and balloon festival over the San Luis Rey River
  • Open-air, 300-seat amphitheater on the river for concerts & more

Environmental Sustainability & Open Space

  • Reclaimed Water: All homes equipped with greywater systems for landscaping
  • 40% of site preserved as open space
  • Energy: Solar, electric bike-share and EV charging stations

Educational & Military Benefits

  • New Educational Center with free classes and workshops
  • $5.2 million in funding for Oceanside Unified School District
  • Improved evacuation route and access to Camp Pendleton
  • All homes will qualify for 100% financing through VA loans

Did you know?

Affordable Housing

Priced affordably from the low $500s, the homes in North River Farms are designed for working families – nurses, teachers, police officers, firefighters and others – and half of the homes will qualify for Federal Housing Administration loans. The project also includes 58 affordable apartments set aside for low-income families.

Oceanside's First Dog Park

North River Farms will include Oceanside’s only public dog ”pawk” – a new place to explore with your best furrrend! This one-acre dog park will be within the Village Core, conveniently located near parking, and will be open to all Oceanside residents. Shaded with trees, equipped with obstacle courses and separated with areas for both large and small breeds – this is one of FOUR new parks and 10 miles of trails to explore. In all, North River Farms features more than 80 acres of outdoor space to discover.

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